When you need powerful, persuasive direct response copywriting or content to tell the story of your technology, John Gilger does it best!

John is one of very few engineering and technology copywriters available to write your B2B marketing and content materials. He engineers sales solutions for tech companies that enable the sales staff to spend more time talking to real prospects who are interested in the product or service.

B2B copywriter John Gilger is not your garden variety copywriter. On his creative side, John is an experienced leader and former CEO who knows how to get things done in a corporate culture, with a focus on ROI.

On his analytical side, John’s engineering background helps him to cut to the chase, dump the usual marketing ballyhoo, and communicate the value of your product to your prospective clients with powerful persuasion.

So… if you’re ready to leave the herd behind and lead your market… just click here to get started today!