Build Credibility & Trust with Great Copy

Marketing directors looking for sales results…

…instead of a song and dance.


A persuasive marketing message will:

  • Boost your credibility
  • Bring in better quality leads
  • Shorten your sales cycle

And above all, generate a greater ROMD (return on marketing dollars). I’m the guy who can create that persuasive marketing message for you. Look, we both know that there are hordes of people out there claiming to be copywriters. It doesn’t really take a lot of know-how to hang out your digital shingle on the web and make your claims. But it does take a lifetime to gain broad-based leadership experience and a well-rounded understanding of people… along with the insights that align your message with their desires for maximum persuasion.

Just listen to this quote from my esteemed colleague Chris Marlow about the quality of my work…

B2B copywriter John Gilger is not your garden variety copywriter. On his creative side, John is an experienced leader and former CEO who knows how to get things done in a corporate culture, with a focus on ROI. On his analytical side, John’s engineering background helps him to cut to the chase, dump the usual marketing ballyhoo, and communicate the value of your product to your prospective clients with powerful persuasion.

Listen, I’m done with herding cats and making shareholders richer. All I do now is follow my passion for writing strong persuasive marketing stories for clients like you.

Are you ready to apply the proven laws of persuasive marketing for your next lead generation campaign?

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