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Do You Struggle to Persuade Engineers, Lawyers, or Other “Left-Brained Analytical Types”?

Ask your favorite marketer or sales person to name their toughest prospect … almost invariably they will shudder and say, “Engineers!”

Finding a copywriter who truly understands your high-tech, industrial, or marine solutions can be difficult. Even tougher is finding a writer who not only “speaks engineer”, but who can translate complex technologies into clear business benefits that are compelling to decision-makers.

You simply want to develop engaging high-impact campaigns that sell your technology effectively to both executives and engineers…

And those skeptical, hard-headed, analytical types (engineers, lawyers, or accountants, etc) are frustrating your efforts to persuade them.

They demand facts, figures, and specifications. When you tried the usual marketing messages on them and they either ignored them or flamed you for insulting their intelligence with hype and touchy-feely malarkey.


With all due modesty, I am your best choice when you need copy that sells to engineers and other hard-headed skeptical “analytical types” because I have over twenty years of engineering experience as a leader, manager, and trainer in the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine force and followed that up with over ten years in technical writing and sales. I have understand the psychology of these folks whose brilliance often overshadows their concern for the social graces because I’m one of them.

When your sales message needs to be communicated with that special combination of clear logic and subtle persuasion that only an engineer can appreciate, I am the only direct response copywriter who can consistently get the job done for you.

As an example, I recently created an online sales letter that pulled over $100,000 in 24 hours from a small list of skeptical lawyers.

I Understand Your Caution When Using A New Writer For The First Time

As a business person who uses freelancers for those projects I don’t have the expertise or time to do myself, I have been burned a few times by individuals who promised me the moon and the stars… then delivered a handful of mud.

That is why my business is committed to these fundamental values:

Solid Writing

Clear, accurate communication that makes an impact – that’s the main goal. You can depend on my writing experience to deliver your message accurately, effectively, and persuasively to your target audience.


Of course, you might prefer something wild and wacky. If your project calls for the unconventional, I’ll deliver that, too. I understand how people think and make decisions, and how to write to them in a way that addresses their wants and needs.


You get quality work at a price far lower than a large ad agency. I don’t do everything they do, but you will get just what you need – copy that motivates your readers to take action.

My Best Stuff

It’s a promise. Good copywriting doesn’t just happen. It takes research and thought. It requires understanding the reader and what is important to him or her; being able to persuasively answer that big question, “What’s In It For Me?”

Everything I write for you is with the intention of bringing in much, much, more revenue than the fees you pay me because I understand this key concept — my business only grows and prospers when I help your business grow and prosper — I want you to succeed in your business.

Here’s How I Solve Your Problems

My experience is a mix of engineering, technical writing, sales, and copywriting.

I thrive on the challenge of explaining complex technology or businesses in terms the average reader can grasp easily.

My passion is direct response marketing copy. I am a copywriter with face-to-face sales experience and an understanding of complex technology.

While white papers and web copy are a natural outgrowth of my technical writing expertise, video sales letters, webinar scripts, email marketing projects bring out all the creativity my “inner persuader” can muster up.

As one client says, “You breathe life into words better than anyone I know. Reading your letters is effortless and they inspire me to move forward, and feel good about purchasing the product or service you are describing.”

Instead of just reading this, why don’t you send an email to me and let’s set up a time to talk about your project.