Know Thyself and Learn to Live with Your Tendencies

Yes we know… the ancients – especially the Greeks – made knowledge of self a priority but why?
You need to know yourself in a clear and un-defended way so that you can make…

  • wise choices
  • build appropriate resources
  • seek out support in areas of weakness
  • and choose goals that are in line with your true desires

rather than those that you have been persuaded to follow but have no passion for.

But this self-knowledge is hard won because we humans spend inordinately huge amounts of time playing peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek with ourselves, making up stories about this and that, afraid of who and what we might be or not be, and generally doing anything other than reflect on who we really are.

You need to begin “catching yourself in the act of…” and finding out what you are really seeking, what you are afraid of, and generally “what you are up to”.
… and… it’s really a hoot when you discover the Truth.

You are much cooler than you imagine but… you’re not as good as you think you are.

How’s that for a paradox?

It’s what you do with that knowledge that makes the difference.

I recommend making peace with yourself and the world, and then enjoy practicing getting better and better and better…


  • Where and when are you totally reliable, and where are you a total goof?
  • What can others rely on you to do? What can you rely on yourself to do?
  • Where are the “holes in your bucket?” (like the song “There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole…)
  • Are you reliable enough to be able to do what you want and accomplish what you want? (if not, refer to the holes in your bucket question)
  • Who can trust you and how do you know?

Begin sleuthing out and catching yourself in the act… and stop hiding, for goodness sakes.

It’s not clever. It’s not smart, although it is human.

Start living as the imperfect person you are (join the gang! It’s great being human) and start just getting better and better.

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