Let’s take a look at your collection of game rules.

You know…the collection of all the habits great and small that you have carefully invested in and cultivated and slaved over (yes, you’ve invested in very heavily even the habits you don’t like or that don’t serve any useful purpose) are the game rules of your life.

Although you might have picked up some from your family, some from school, some from your peers, some thought the media, etc., and most of them you picked up by accident – adapting to life as you found it – these game rules are not fixed and many of them can be changed swiftly by not participating in them.

Some game rules are laws – like speed limits on the roads, and not stealing – we agree to play by those rules for the good of all.

But many of the things that really bring us down are those rules we have accepted as if they were laws of the court, when they were only adaptations, or other people’s adaptations passed on to us as if they were court-laws.

If your rules aren’t working; if some of your rules no longer work; change them.

What rules have you set that inhibit your ability to enjoy more success?

For example:

“Unless I know everything; I can’t do something”

“I must not ever look foolish”

“I must always have my act together”

“It’s not okay to cry.”

List out as many rules as you can (that you are aware of).

Change a few.

“If you change the rules on what controls you… you will change the rules on what you can control.”
– Guy Ritchie

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