Got a mental block?

Try this symbolic but practical rule of thumb:
When in doubt, tidy your work space.

Even a small break to spiff things up can be useful for clearing your head and shifting your mental orientation towards doing.

“But I have so much to do and also too much to tidy up easily.”

Say what?

That’s a prime example of defending the suffering with your current habit-driven conditions.

You notice I didn’t say do everything.

I said do something, however small. Use a timer (on your phone, computer, watch, kitchen timer – whatever) and do five or ten minutes of cleaning or straightening something. Your desk, a shelf, wash the dishes, sweep the floor – anything that promotes activity other than “I’ll just surf the Internet for a few minutes.”

Get used to creating order and cleanliness your environment – both outer and inner – as a part of your preparation for any type of activity.

This is Zen.

It’s a time-tested practice… and it works.

Please take a few minutes to tidy some space, however small, clear your mind, and then get back to work.

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