FrogConsider this fact:

We never control outcomes, only the actions we take.

It’s a hard-ball situation here. Many people today believe that they are in control of what happens to them, and that they control the outcomes that occur in their lives. With just the tiniest “poof” of logic; this nonsense disappears.

Why would ANYONE choose disease, death, storms and other “Acts of God”, or accidents of all kinds, if they truly controlled themselves and their outcomes?

We don’t control results – we create conditions, and prepare resources for use at the right time and place.

Results come about through the actions we take. Those actions change conditions. The better we become in creating changes of physical condition – mastering the stages of process, and the skills required to implement plans – the more likely it is that we will be ready to respond when conditions change and opportunities arise, or the time becomes “ripe”.

We create conditions – not results.

This is important to you because it sets you free from over-emphasis (and excess effort) where you have little or no control.

By re-focusing your efforts on the type, amount and quality of work you do, using targeted goals as the test or standard on what needs to be changed, and definitely when to stop; you can more easily optimize your efforts, and enjoy appropriately changed conditions sooner.

It’s all about what you can do, what you are doing, and what you aren’t doing.

In the preliminary stages of effective self-improvement, facing the truth about what you are doing along with how and when you are doing it can act to help clear out obstacles that you yourself have put in the way.

Think about this:

Where does your day go? Do you really know how productive you are? How do you know?

Do you keep it all “in your head”, on paper or electronically?

Are you getting your desired results?

Are you getting enough of the results you want?

Look through your days and see where you tend to drift off on autopilot to nowhere, or where you churn through work repetitively or where you don’t know where you’re going.
What do you think you are doing or getting when you do that?

Do you know what you are really chasing?

Have you been lying to yourself/other people/the world about what you are up to?

Or if not a lie, is it a “cover story”?

Just a habit?

A survival strategy or something else altogether?

What self-imposed limitations, obstacles or blocks have you been habitually ignoring? These are things you have put in the way rather than something from the outside.
What (if any) imperfections have you been presuming you can’t live with?

Are you hiding because…?

Are you waiting to be kissed by a prince or princess so that you can finally succeed?

What’s that shameful thing you’re trying to hide?

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