This is a wonderful power principle (and one that makes your entire life better, makes you a powerful creator, and is also generative in that it creates effects beyond itself) that is hidden in an odd sounding little habit hack:

Begin to create (with intention, care and some small effort) conscious moments, to be consciously enjoyed, each day and every day.

Wha…? Who..? You… create circumstances and small events that are enjoyable – but instead of merely throwing together the moment at random (a quick tea or coffee break, a chance to read a bit of your current Kindle novel, etc.) – create a small design to optimize a moment that you enjoy… but do so intentionally and consciously… then intentionally enjoy the moment you’ve created.

You can do this for little reinforcing rewards, or you can do it for something that you do each day but differently when you are creating a moment of enjoyment.

Please understand that this is ONLY for people who want to excel in creating a greater success system that automatically optimizes circumstances for you.

People who think they are thinking, or who think they are “beyond” this (but are suffering unconscious-robotic delusions of sufficiency) may ignore this.

What this is ultimately about is building in a design bias to EVERYTHING you do by sly habituation, but you simply have to trick your body of habits into doing this or you will screw it up.

As soon as someone makes this into a thing about “deserving” or “I haven’t got time to…” or whatever the B.S. system component of their current system attempts to insert into the simple instruction so that it fails, or someone who simply thinks they’ve “got it” but can’t consistently demonstrate… they precisely DON’T get it.

This little hack is a big habit hack that changes how you move through the world with greater ease and enjoyment. Why? Not why. How.

Creating conscious moments of enjoyment is the strategy for optimizing any and every activity.

It is created in the smallest contexts first, practiced repeatedly and consistently, extending “the gift” of creating moments of enjoyment to others, and then, seemingly without effort, one day you will discover yourself in the process of making something better without sacrificing other criteria or sufficing.

It’s the Prosperity Habits method integrated into your own unconscious body of habits.

You either do it; or you don’t. It’s both the wonder of “self-reprogramming without tears” and also the sorrow of humanity – how many people will JFDI, and do it simply, to the point of habituation, and how many others will either not know, or choose to think they know… and continue walking on into the muttering dark.

Here the line divides between those who are serious about building a better success system, and those who wish to continue struggling.

It really is this simple. It really is this plain. Please begin doing this now:

  1. 1. Choose some moment for conscious enjoyment, consciously and intentionally created.
    This might be as simple preparing and creating your usually tea or coffee break, but in the way you enjoy it most – favorite cup or mug, certain type of tea or coffee, in a certain seat, etc.
    This might be something new or something you haven’t done before as well.
    To begin with, work with one small moment for enjoyment. Just one. Small.
    Read this is and be clear in your mind and heart: This requires becoming successful FIRST; before moving on to grandiose. Small steps one after the other will create the bigger result faster than setting up a big or complicated scenario that creates a sense of struggle or effort. Build easy, achievable and (next to) effortless INTO your success gradient… a little bit of effort for a nice return.
    Whether usual or novel; choose it consciously. “This is it.”
  2. 2. Create a swift image for optimizing that moment – what else (aside from the usual) would be “good”, “lovely”, “better”, “even better”, etc. if added to your basic idea.
    Figure out what would have to happen; what needs to be done or created for the moment to occur.
    No operatic productions of Aida, with elephants and a cast of thousands, please. No big budget or expenditure additions beyond what is strictly necessary.
    If your optimization image requires preparations, PLAN THEM INTO YOUR SCHEDULE. For example, a common optimizing criteria for those visually orientated is a location looking nice or tidy.
    As one client put it: “It’s really not worth reading in my reading corner unless it’s tidy.” What do you think my response was? “How about doing that tonight? How long will this take?” Five minutes was the response. “Then do it as soon as you get home.”
    You see, the set-up and arrangements for her specific conscious moment of enjoyment had a small mise en place attached to it. JFDI in preparation.
  3. 3. Add your CME into your plan for the day.
  4. 4. While performing your CME – relax and enjoy it.

Start with one a day. Then add another. Get it up to three CMEs a day where it’s easy and effortless.


Consider and create CME’s for others – simple and small first before effortful.

Extend the complexity of your moments A BIT.

Start thinking about larger CME projects.

Life enhancing series of moments.

This is not the main focus of your life or activities but enhancing life, as you go, intentionally, day by day.

Thrill your loved ones with something thoughtful. Then do it again. Then do it more often.

If you are in a service business; figure out how to thrill ONE client with a moment of enjoyment.

Extend some criteria of quality above your usual standard.

Again, do not make this into a “business improvement scheme” or you will screw up this magnificent filter and strategy you are building.

Gradient (SLY gradient) is critical.

When you can reliably create moments of enjoyment for yourself and your loved ones (and family – whether that is the same or different from loved ones), and your friends, and even strangers – anytime and anywhere, under all circumstances and for no good reason at all… then, you deserve a reward… why not create a moment of enjoyment for yourself…?

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