There’s nothing worse than life throwing you a bunch of grief. It’s even worse when the grief is unavoidable and simply has to be dealt with.

One can lose so many things in life… an eye, a limb (or two), a body organ, functions of one kind or another.

Again, no fridge magnet coaching here and, in fact, this one is what we might call “the wisdom of ageing” – don’t struggle against ANYTHING that is forced upon you (mourning for a lost limb: Pointless. Planning for nine kinds of mischief with your new prosthesis: Priceless) but instead adapt to it and use it with the greatest amount of style and panache you can muster.

Don’t hide it; flaunt it.

Don’t be ashamed of it; make a name with it.

Don’t grieve it; misbehieve with it (sorry…)

It’s not hard but it does require some “front”. This is “skillful means” for dealing with the unpleasantness – it won’t re-grow a lost limb, but it will prevent the loss from becoming another “because” in the narrative that one uses.

Or hobbling with style, you make it a better because.

If you have no areas of life where you hobble (yet) congratulations. Put this rule of thumb in your back pocket for another occasion.

If you have one or more ways you hobble; choose one and re-design it… up the ante… hobble better.

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