Edison-Failure Do you know how to learn from failure?

Not getting it quite right is how people learn.

Learning how to make failure a part of your success process is fundamental to ultimately achieving what you want.

It’s simple really:


It’s easy to learn from success when you get a big cash payment and everyone shouts Hurrah!”, and someone else picks up the tab for a big fancy dinner.

It’s a little harder, but much smarter to insist that when things don’t go right, take the time to figure out what not to do, and also what to do differently.

When you fail, when things don’t work according to plan, when you don’t get what you wanted or thought you were getting – figure out how to take whatever you did and make it into a template for analyzing how you must change to get a different results next time.

So take a small to medium sized hiccup, failure, screw-up, or what have you and analyze how you achieved the failure.

Capture the detail of what you did to create the undesirable result.

Now assess what you need to do differently – what different conditions and processes do you need to create – in order to allow different results to occur.

Is there anything familiar in your analysis?

And what specifically do you need to carry forward into other areas.

Sounds like a plan is called for…

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