Just Do It. Just Fer-Goodness-Sake Do It. Just Flipping Do It.

This is not a gratuitous vulgarity or masculine power-move.

It’s an attitude that we apply to ourselves alone (this is NEVER to be — used as weapon or tool on others. It’s a sign of weakness, and poor self-control when forced on another as a substitute for good, clear communication and consideration).

JFDI is the developmental attitude that we remove any additional requirement from inside of us to feel any particular way before we are beginning to work.

It is a lifelong discipline of mind and emotions and body to make our habit systems more pliable to our needs and requirements, rather than we to it.

Any “pro” understands JFDI easily and practices it, regardless of what their profession might be. It is mastering our energy, plans and goals, mise en place, etc. to be ready and WILLING to begin, whenever required.

The Humanistic Movement, and the Personal Development world has “done a number” on people’s heads leading millions to believe that they should feel some drooling desire, bliss, happiness or any one of a 100 different emotional states IN ORDER TO GENERATE MOTIVATION TO DO.

This is precisely against the habit and practice of “pros” in all walks of life.

The pro learns to be ready to work… by working without pre-requisites, without bribes or blandishments beyond the rewards contractually attached to the work.

To suggest that some sort of emotional-state overhead must be added to the challenges of functioning professionally is outrageous, unnecessary and it has been destructive to many people’s efficacy.

Here’s the deal – satisfaction, enjoyment and all the lovely things of the emotions come from having worked, come AFTER the work (and if you are wise, you learn and train to celebrate and create that enjoyment and satisfaction in response to successfully creating and outputting whatever it is you sought).

To say “I can’t or won’t work until I feel [INSERT STATE’S NAME HERE]” is both a non-sense and a self-disservice.

Why? Because the more you practice insisting on something that requires a change of state, you add complication and an “overhead” to working.

You practice needing something that ISN’T required. You throw yourself across your own path. And there are many people suffering because of this.

ANY real pro knows that the secret of work, and outputs, and developing skill is by getting on with it.

And how does one do that?


There are so many areas of your life where you’ve placed pre-conditions on doing – “I’ll do it later because… baloney, baloney, baloney.”

  • “I don’t feel like it.” (creating a delayed decision, which is one of the most evil things you can do to yourself. These pile up and feel bad and then… “spontaneously” you forget things, or bills don’t get paid, or… whatever…)
  • “I’m not ‘ready’ to deal with it.” (distraction from unknown)
  • “I SHOULD do something about that.” (… when you are not the sort of person who does what they should do… false activity to simulate caring… beat yourself up for it… then no one else can – cover story.)
  • “I’m busy…” (COVER STORY… ‘busy’ is not a concrete term; it’s an abstract “blow-off” term – creating a false intent – VERY bad habit to get into – self-gaming) etc.

JFDI teaches you the easy way to get things done, by not creating false and unnecessary cover stories.

JFDI is the way of taming your gremlin – the one that fakes at being purposive.

JFDI is one of ways for you to “go pro” on your life. It’s the quality of your life we are speaking of here.

Select three activities that need you to JFDI consistently from now on.

You already know which three but the cover stories need to be tossed aside (catch yourself in the act).

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