This one is pure and simple… and yet a few people will still struggle with it (“Well… I can’t just… but I like to… yes, yes, all handled…”).

I have not yet met a high performer in any field who did not make rest – that means sleep, breaks during workflow, and at appropriate times during the day – a CONSCIOUS and high priority.

In other words, it is an important performance factor, consciously crafted and perfected as a tool for energy, health and well-being, which can then be focused into a peak producer’s performance domain.

Curiously enough, WHENEVER there is a performance issue, sub-optimal or poor performance, or standards are dropping; there WILL BE a concurrent disturbance in sleep, and poor use of intention in rest or recreation.

This happens because consciously managing one’s sleep and rest are part of managing energy and well-being.

They are key factors. Refusing to manage energy, or ignoring sleep and rest are de facto markers for refusal to manage other parameters of performance. Every single time and without exception.

Here it is: You need more than merely adequate sleep. You need an optimal amount of sleep and that sleep must be quality, undisturbed sleep, in order to awaken refreshed and with sufficient energy to get through your day without flagging.

It’s a tightrope walk as there are so many things that can affect our need for sleep and its quality.

If you are suffering from sub-clinical medical conditions, they will often show up in sleep disturbances first.

A gentlemen often discovers that time is catching up with him when he awakens more than a few times in the night to urinate… at which point the doctor’s finger will wiggle… menopause, diabetes, poor stress management, all show up in poor quality sleep.

One can no longer argue that poor sleep, insomnia, or any other sleep disturbance is unworthy of note and action.

Take your sleep seriously.

Take your rest seriously. Have a look at your sleep and rest habits. Do you wake up refreshed in the morning? How long does it take you wake up? How long do you sleep for? How deep is it?

Do you nap or rest during the day? When and under what circumstances?

Do you fall into an uncontrolled sleep at any point during the day other than bedtime? (Get your doctor to check your blood sugar panel immediately if that’s the case as its one of the signs of various blood sugar issues).

Are your sleeping patterns optimal? Are you resting enough to be fully functioning throughout your working day?

If there are issues – take them to an appropriately qualified medical professional.

Everyone else… what can you do to “up the ante” and lift your game around proper, refreshing sleep, and better rest/recharging practice?

This consideration may take you to exercise and diet. So be it. This may take you to interior decoration. So be it. You may need a new mattress. So be it.

This may involve turning the g.d. television off, or switching off computers, phones, and e-readers an hour or two earlier. SO BE IT.

As I said, high performing professionals have no problem with any part of this consideration.

So what’s your story? What are you still defending?

This is another one of those completely obvious but sometimes difficult to grip prosperity hacks.

Improve the overall system parameters; its parts improve without effort.

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