You bought the ticket; you might as well enjoy the journey.

Seriously, regardless of station in life, relative high or low point, length of travel; this is it and you make of it what you will, with what you have, and whatever else you might acquire, and whomever you might meet.

It will last for as long as it lasts and, by this stage, there really is no point in existential angst, or concerns of any kind about the journey itself.

It is unfair; yes. It is sometimes painful; yes. It’s boring; yes. I don’t get what I want enough; yes. “They” are demons; yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… and…

Someone, somewhere has much less than you, suffers far more than you, has far fewer chances than you, is less attractive and has more disadvantages than you… and… they’re having a much better time. The reverse is also true but…

It doesn’t matter what you lack or suffer or think is your right. The quality of the ride is not down to whether you turn left when you get on an international flight or right when you get on the plane.

It’s not about First Class or Coach – if you think people in First Class are happier and having a better time than you are; you’re just plain wrong.

It’s not the class you’re in but the class in you.

You see, I’ve been all over the planet, met people in all stations of life including some of our lords and masters, and I’ve met people who lived next to open sewers in tin scrap huts. It is definitively not the money that makes the human.

For all of us, in the first world, even piled high with debts and disorders and difficult relationships, a broken down old p.o.s. for a car, bad hair, bad breath, and a mean-eyed cat… hear me out here: When you’ve done as much as you can do with what you have; the only thing left is for you to up the ante. Raise the bet and raise the bar.

Start by Moments of Enjoyment; and raise the bar. Then raise it again. Then raise it again.

Pick out a significant way you would like to raise the quality of your life. Choose something specific for the coming month. Make a plan for it. Add it in to your week by week plan, and you’re daily doings.

Then do it again but better. Then do it again but bigger. Then do it again but bigger and better. Then keep doing across the all the areas of your life.

You bought the ticket; you might as well enjoy the journey.

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