mental_mapOur first steps to creating our very own success mindset is to begin by clearing the scrub brush we have thrown in our own paths.

It’s not hard but to de-program yourself, but you may have to get a little dirty by cleaning things out…to rid ourselves of the habit of taking action, action and more action… without reflection.

As we begin this journey of designing your very own success mindset I’d like you to consider a key idea for making progress in any area. That is that…

Changing Reality is the only change that matters

(not minds, beliefs or other abstract nouns)

You can have 10,001 fantasies; 100,001 desires; 1,000,001 good intentions, but the only one of them that is worth anything is the one that you make Actual.

Contemplate this – every building ever built was Reality forced to conform to an Intention, through the planned use, of organized resources, implemented through consistent action and application, over time.

Every object we have and enjoy is an example of Reality change. It once wasn’t there; but now it is.

You mobile phone didn’t just appear out of a purple cloud one day. It took thousands of people; tens of thousands of discrete processes, in many stages over time in order for you to have the use of the phone every day that you now couldn’t live without. Have a look at your mobile and realize that more work and cost and manpower went into your being able to have that phone in your hand and make a call than went into the construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

That is Reality change of a very high order.

But most of the Reality change I am talking about happens in small choices and actions, every day.

The real reason (and no secret at all) that one doesn’t achieve the things that one wants is when a disconnect happens between thinking and doing, and the results one is creating.

Essentially we have been educated (taught, told and otherwise sold, again and again) ideas (maps) of reality that are simply not so, or are over-generalized (missing key pieces), or not properly contextualized…and we pick them up and assume that these notions and maps should work for us just like something we buy from a store or supermarket.

Any map we accept must first be connected within our own experience, and broken down into smaller segments of workable plans if we expect the map to function.
This means checking by qualifying and quantifying what we have experienced, and what we have not – this tells you how much of a learning curve you’re going to go through, and how much work it will actually take to achieve whatever we hope to achieve.

Then we can assess the resource situation between the demands of the map or plan, and what we have to hand and are already skilled in. Your plans have to include HOW you will create the necessary resources. (the difference between a dream and a goal). Then you have to take consistent action, over time.

List out your personal “big areas” of life – what is most important to you, what you want to maintain,develop, and what you want to create that you don’t already have.

Include big projects and also small.

Map out where you want to go, or be, or having and enjoying.

Map out where you are in relation to each.

Ask yourself:

“What physical conditions have to change?”

“What physical processes have to be gone through?”

“What resources have to be used in order to change the conditions from where you are to where you want to be?”

Small things might have trivial (and easy) physical processes. Bigger and more complex states of affairs may have many processes.

It all depends on how much you want that changed reality.

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