Energy, energy, energy… it’s the fuel that helps us gets things done.

In one sense, whether you are aware of it or not you using your energy and attention to produce specific results in your life – every day of your life.

Many people use their energy to focus on “doing, doing, doing” rather than connecting how their use (or misuse) of energy affects their “results”.

An important element of creating your own success system depends on how you employ your energy. It’s about generating and modifying your energy levels to do what needs to be done.

One of the fastest hacks to try, with great overall benefits is to keep yourself moving through your day, your work, your planning, etc.

You see, we habituate to certain speeds and rhythms in our lives and our work. Often, as we are doing things, the way we do them is because that’s how we’ve always done them… the pace having nothing to do with what we are doing other than habit.

Here is the hack: increase your pace through a work session by 5% – JUST 5% – and maintain that slightly faster pace. Not enough to induce a sweaty stressfulness in you but just enough to require that you stay mentally present and maintaining your attention on the quality of your work, and the pace.

Your physical state and the physical qualities of how you work are the great (usually) untapped reservoir of resourcefulness to create changes with.

Spend a work period (whatever that may mean) for a few days, adding “the 5% solution” to your other goals and targets and note your results.

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