Tracking and measuring output… without tears of frustration… is simple.

Once you understand that tighter constraints (precision and specificity) in how you set outputs makes for easier creativity and productivity.


It makes your day smoother and, over time, you get a more reliable quality of output for a given level of effort.

Some people just LOVE tracking their workflow and productivity – it makes them feel like Tony the Tiger – “GRRRRRRRRRREAT!”.

Other people have a less satisfactory experience of tracking – they — associate it with negative judgments and punishments for being “not up to snuff” or that measuring results is too much for them to bother with.

Either way, the bottom line for both is control – one sees how control and specificity lead to freedom and choice, while the other feels control is an attack on their very being.

Well… here’s the deal: Whether you are aware of it or not, you have an output rate that you have habituated to (with your current prosperity system in place).

You might be able to run it a bit faster when there’s pressure, or slow it down when there’s less but there will be a fairly consistent rate to it.

If you do nothing to intentionally to raise your game and make your system work a bit better; it’s unlikely you will achieve much more, regarding tangible results, than you are creating right now.

If you want to get better the easy way – output orientation, and a few simple strategies will help you gain more control in an enjoyable and even fun way but… you must begin tracking your outputs and fulfillment rates so that you re-calibrate your expectations and predictive abilities.

With simple tracking and measuring, you have the data for analyzing what needs to happen to improve.

Without the tracking and measurement data, you don’t know what is happening. Fantasy and “I thought…” are terrible substitutes for facts and results.


This is a simply a fact of building a better prosperity focus. You are not looking to make ONE adaptive change, but you are building the capacity to get continuously better and better.

When (not if) you screw up, or life deals you a surprise and your carefully calibrated system gets blown away for the moment; you will be able to pick yourself up immediately, dust yourself off, and get back to work BECAUSE your system is keyed into outputs, and then the review of means to achieve them.

You are building calibration thinking and acting INTO your habit system. It will already be there and ready to work wherever you are, however well you are doing; you will know how to make it better.

Please continue practicing the shift into the output orientation we started with the last episode. Now extend to this week’s outputs – sharpen them all up and redraft until they shine.

At the beginning of the day – look at your day’s outputs coming due and make sure they are sharp and clear. At the end of the day, review what you accomplished.

This book-ended process is for the purpose of calibrating your mind, Over and over again BEFORE and AFTER along with the difference between what we expected and what we got is what we will work with as feedback on our methods.

Do both and compare between – brain change.

Do one but not the other “because…” – and you’ve wasted your time.

Make wiser and wiser choices.

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