Let’s draw a distinction between what we create and offer to others, or use ourselves (our Outputs); and then the resulting influences and impacts and uses our outputs create when they move out into the world (the Outcomes).

We control our outputs, but we never control the outcomes of our work.

No human is smart enough, and no group of humans has EVER — demonstrated the ability to predict and control their outcomes and impacts on others.

The world is too big and varied, and as a species, we are not wise enough to know that we don’t know.

The outcomes deriving from our work may be humble or local, or big and global. Our outputs may be intended to be big or intended to be small.

In the design and creation of our plans – consider the scope of how many people have to play in order for our plans and intents to become real.

I spent many years sitting in meetings listening to talk of “we want to become the world’s best…” and no matter how you gauge it; it never happened for those companies.

The timescales were too long to effectively plan and… too many other players and people would have to be involved and agree to their desires, buy their products, etc., etc. – the outcomes were too “far out” to be assured.

You can save yourself, your family, your business and anywhere else you bring your powers of doing into, by considering the difference between the outputs you are creating, your desired effects and outcomes, and the number of others who have to be enlisted for what you want to occur.

It’s your “reality estimation” that may or not be calibrated, and therefore accurate or inaccurate.

Now, even a stopped clock can be right twice a day, and people regularly win the lottery but, in Europe, for those living in countries participating in the Powerball lottery, the odds of winning the big jackpot are approximately 292,201,338 to 1.

Those odds are very steep against you winning. In fact, at 20,000,000 to 1, you stand a better chance of being canonized as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, or being hit by lightning at 576,000 to 1, or if you are a man, of dating a supermodel at 88,000 to 1… and finally, you stand a better chance of winning an Academy Award at 11,500 to 1, than you do from winning the Powerball Lottery Jackpot.

The Lottery Jackpot does not belong in the realm of predictable outcome for anyone.

But the odds of you finding a customer or client by referral for your business, from within your circle of acquaintance, is much, much lower (statistically, it can even be specified, depending on profession – the numbers are almost always very low).

This is because the interpersonal nature of your contacts creates a force and power that multiplies the effectiveness of your search.

That force is you, and the specified and targeted nature of the outputs and outcomes you are seeking. It’s the power of you, “in the driver’s seat”.

The more you control and influence; the higher the chance you will be create outcomes that are in-line with your desires.

The bigger the desired outcomes; the more carefully you need to think outside YOUR box. Bigger game; more people; more systems required.

Please… dream big. Everyone has that right.

And when you want to a pay a tax on those dreams; by all means, purchase a lottery ticket.

But when you want dreams to come true; you need a better method.

When you want to plan your future… consider the scale and involvement of others over time.

Not everything can be quantified; but a good deal more is possible than you’re probably thought about.

People build huge businesses and unbelievably amazing lives for themselves and their families every day – it’s all possible, but it takes deeper consideration of scale and outputs and outcomes – and getting it to work together.

I want you to be sure you will be happy with the journey; whatever the outcomes.

P.S. if you do buy lottery tickets; understand that you are more likely to die in an asteroid apocalypse at 12,500 to 1 than win the jackpot.
Take care friends… watch the skies.

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