The Adult in the roomMy wife runs a day-care business. She will tell you that if the kids are left to their own devices for too long, chaos often results. With young children, The Adult In The Room provides the structure for their day.

When you’re puttering around wondering what to do or how to do it, or letting Social Media and the Internet suck up all the time in your day, or just working a lot but not getting anywhere: Look around you for the adult in the room. Is there an Adult in the room? Oh, yes… The Adult In The Room is you.

Our brains typically respond to events that seem to be happening and sometimes we can go on reacting to things that seem to arise for a very long time.

The Adult In The Room looks ahead to see what needs must be fulfilled, what requirements need to be prepared for, and makes plans must be made for creating a fulfilling, safe and happy day – everything that needs to be accomplished is fitted together like a puzzle. If perfection is not achieved then, at least, no one is killed, no one is starving, and everyone has some sort of clothing on.

Being The Adult In The Room for yourself, and your business requires work.

Sometimes we need a reminder… (and, by the way, no one is ever The Adult In The Room, all the time, and no one is ever the PERFECT adult…)

Start your day, launch your day, and finish your day as The Adult In The Room.

    1 Response to "Who is the adult in the room?"

    • Angelique

      Too often I let FaceBook take over my time, and lose important working time. Gotta work to be the adult in my room more.

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