HappyCatz This is the easiest success habit hack but also the one that people don’t do because they “think they are thinking” or that they “understand this”, or that “I don’t have to do that because I understand that I know that”… but they don’t … and then they suffer the results.

Here it is: Every time you finish a project and it goes out the door, every time you hit a goal or target, every time you make significant progress, every time you take a step in the right direction you must CELEBRATE IT in some tangible way.

It’s called reinforcement and when you do it, things get easier and good habits begin to grow much faster because they have been identified in your mind.

It doesn’t take much – a verbal “Yes!”, an air punch, a “well done” that you give to yourself works just a well as reinforcement as someone on the outside saying it.

Basically, what you reinforce, becomes a habit.

What is left unacknowledged or uncelebrated fades into your mental background.

Those who do consistently celebrate each result discover one of the keys to fast habit change.

Those who “understand” but don’t do, continue to earn the wages of current habits…

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